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4 full days and no time

It was April finally and THE (only) convocation in my life was on a Tuesday - A day which is after a weekend and almost middle of a working week. I did not want to go with all the changes my college was making with its dates. I informed home that I would not be going when my mom said she wanted a snap of me with my 'degree'! That's all I could give her after 3 years of college and all the EDUCATION! ;) I decided to go... i scrapped 5 days of work and decided to make it to Chennai. With a lot of alteration to my tickets, I was done - I was flying to Chennai, 4 days there and then would go back home by train.

It was Friday and I could not wait... I reached the DAMN Shamshabad airport and boarded. I was looking forward to stay with Monu in her house. This is the first time I was seeing her after she got married. The flight towards Chennai was gone in a wink and I took a taxi towards Sowcarpet - that's where Monu lived! All my luggage (1 bag) was loaded and the car sped off…