29 January, 2015

Room - Emma Donohue - Book Review

This book was a suggestion from two friends. It happened at a time when I couldnt spare the time for this genre. Im glad I read it late and I loved the book two ways. This being a true incident - I didnt want to judge anything about the book. Firstly, I liked how the author potrayed the incident through the eyes of a child. Second, I loved the attention to detail given to the book.

The book at one point is overwhelming and claustrophobic. Its unfair to say so because the story is based on this kidnapped woman who is forced to live in a room that is 11' *11'. She gives birth to the boy in the room and he knows nothing but the room. The woman lives a total of 7 years in this hellhole where her kidnapper provides food and electricity. It is painful as u read. She breastfeeds her five yr old son. They follow a strict regime and the boy, Jack hates falling out of routine. To him the materialistic things in the room are also people. He talks to them like to his mom. He watches a bit of TV and that is Outside - something they will never know for a while.

Up until the part where they escape, there is a tight knot in one's throat.  Once in the outside world, the boy's struggles to adjust with vision, hearing, speaking and how he weans from Jack and his Ma to just Jack and his mother is the end to the book.

The book brought about a thinking in me about how the entire world is at our hands and how we take everything for granted. I even got to thinking how much more can be given to children with limited things and space.

On the whole I loved the book. Hated the incident in real life. The book is captivating and scary. Im all mixed feelings about the book.

I do hope no one goes through something like this ever.

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