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Mommy woes.

Living in my hometown with people who have packed social calendars of weddings and temple visits is not an easy task. After 16 years in hostels and 3 years of working away from home, I find this social life so frustratingly demanding. Every other day there is someone to visit in a hospital, or a newborn to welcome, a wedding/engagement/funeral, temple visits. Life has boiled down to timing Gs sleep patterns to packing his travel bag, refilling it the next time and having to count the number of clothes be ironed every other day. I see no joy in going to these places. Let's face it - a new born is a new born. The baby will never know Aunt Pragi visited. Let's face it - Weddings here are so crowded that the bride or groom will never remember Pragi came along with her baby. Let's face it - at a funeral you never know what to do. You are too fidgety, staring at your phone is awkward, attending a call is frowned upon and staring at the loved ones of the family is just plain pai…