10 October, 2008

Wish my dream comes true...

I had the weirdest of dreams 2 days back. I hear early morning dreams come true, I soo wish this does. Its one of the things that I've been thinking about over and over again. What happens once a girl gets married? Loses all the touch with her friends... all go their way. I so don't want anything of that sort to happen to me. I would feel soo guilty on my death bed! My friends so deserve me!

Well the dream went this way... Cindy a friend of mine (I can tell her about anything under the sun!) Yea that meant, most of my girl talk! I dream that Cindy and I go shopping in Coimbatore. We 2 friends are married to 2 friends and we get to be together forever and forever. That means we can discuss just about anything at any point of time in life.

I had the best laugh with her when I told her this. We laughed over it on conference and everything but when I ended up I was flooded with emotions === pray my dream should come true.

A girl should always have her Besst pal! The one who can be there for you just about anytime! The one who's ego does not live when u r around, the one who she can discuss anything under the sun! The one BEST friend for life!

P.S : My tooth fairy : If you are reading this, plss phullleasseee grant me this one wish for all the teeth I saved under my pillow!

Just another evening...

A shop that sold bags in Shilparaman. Literally, THE most colorful shop there.

P.S : I just realised why these days my sentences finish with a full stop. there used to be days when I had a ! after every sentence. Maybe after a whole year of living with literally with a comp you tend to lose the happiness in saying something.

The thing called boredom.

I understood why weekends were such a bore for me. Its been more than a year now and I still haven't found the person called Friend in Hyd. Or maybe I'm just very blessed with thoughts of my friends from high school and college that I cannot accept anybody. I don't accept anybody and then I complain.

Ques : How do you like hyd?
Ans : Hyd's boring.

My answer hasn't changed for a year and more now. It's just in my head that Hyd is boring, there are not enough places to go and eat, its not safe and finally Who will I go with? There are just two options. I think of Rashi and Jeanette. Both my ex-roommate and present roommate. The other times I go, I go alone. Somehow I'm in luv with shopping alone for myself. No second opinions, no interepted opinions.

I'm right now sick and tired of Rajdhani which gives the best overpriced Rajasthani food. Jeannette and I end up there when we wake late of weekends and are too lazy to cook. I'm also sick of pizza. Every other day I call for pizza and have a worthy meal of 90 bucks.

Why is there no place I can walk into with someone like Shilpa or Saranya and talk nothing but worthless crap and sit there for hours?! Simple, cause there is no Shilpa or Saranya around.

Being sick of most of the things I decided to get a haircut. My decisions are mostly instant. Thought of, decided and done. Like immediately. I paid a good amount and cut it short. Which means pay a lot and also get my mom to yell at me. :D Quite ok with the haircut.

Thursday being holiday for Dussera, I decided to treat myself to sleep till 11. I did. Woke and felt lazy so ordered pizza as soon as I opened my eyes. I brushed and was ready for brunch - pizza. Went back into my sheets and with my laptop and FRIENDS I had my brunch. Now no worries for food till dinner. Cleaning, arranging, more cleaning was all I did during that day. By evening it was pouring outside and chances of me remotely going out to get grocery was ruined. Just then my roommate said she is leaving outta town that night. That meant Home Alone for 3 days. Urgh!

My realtionship with my high schools friends has only been over the phone. And yet I cant do without talking to them once in a while. And there are a few who i have to talk to everyday or I cant sleep. These guys mean so much and I cannot face the fact that things can change after a few years. I dont want it to, and thats the first time ive said that out loud. I've always wished for me to spend a few months with them in person. I know its never gonna happen cause if it had to it would have by now.

Facebook that was one thing I never opened for a loong time has become my main entertainment during work breaks. I wait for someone to add pictures or comment on any picture so i can smile. I realise how desperate I've become for some source of entertainment. Being online for almost the whole day has made me so dependant on the internet for anything. My source of contact has become Gtalk, FB and orkut. I've become a fast typist and an active social networking person. How sad is that. This being the case, I've lost touch with talking. Talking - the only thing I used to do before. So to keep up with my skills I call 'A friend every Tday.' A Tuesday and a Thursday. A friend I havent called for a long time. A friend who I've avoided calling to watch FRIENDS which is stored on my laptop. My T day plans are the best. It makes me smile for doing a nice thing and I'm sure it keeps the friend thinking I remember.

No amount of Skype, or Gtalk, or Yahoo mssgr, or FB can gime what I actually want. Not only me, anyone.

Those hot chennai afternoon when we all dress to eat the favs, those sultry nights where we all tuck in one room to play pictionary, those hungry days when we ordered the Huge amounts of food, those obvious birthday plans and gifts, those last minute runs to get some frankies to avoid the minimum order amount, those rushes to get the 10 rs tickets @ Sathyam when we are absolutely broke... Those days... Those were the best days of my life!

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