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I have been away so long, even Blogger changed!

Between trying to be the best wife I could be and the best nurse I could be - I completely lost focus of my social life on the internet or let's just say my social life. The past one month and more has been so hectic with nothing to do. Only a nervous break down was missing. If it sounds like I'm exaggerating, its because I'm. Well, Padhu came down with a very bad back ache that led to a bulging disc in his spinal cord that led to a non-movable neck that led to a bed ridden boy. My, boys are whiny when they are ill. Ok, I shouldn't have said that. After a week of staying at home and resting - Padhu visited some doctor in Mysore who did something with his bare hands and he was alright the next minute. Yes, he twisted some muscle near his neck and then Padhu was magically alright. This doctor must be some kind of Kerala varmam healer like the grandpa in the movie Indian. That was the end of the spine story. Now comes the epidemic called the cold. It was like th…