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How time flies~

Nov 26 – Jan 23 – MYSELFThis article is just an outburst of satisfaction. I work for an amazing company. I work for a team that deals with American customers. I studied in a school run and built by the English. So, I needed to change the whole thing. I meant English. To abide by the rules of writing emails to Google advertisers I’m not allowed to use British English. But, aren’t they the ones who own the language? Yes, but who is paying you? I started the American English training everyone goes through before they start their email training. It is called Fast Track. Two whole weeks of intensive unlearning, learning and changing all the English I know. Nothing is left out in this training. Nouns, articles, verbs, tense, clauses, subjects… a lot more! It’s intense and annoying! Yes, it is a part of my job. Which frustrated advertiser who writes in with a problem is going to check if I said ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello?’ I’m not in a state to complain now. I’ve done a lot of that earlier. I’ve settled…