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Finding your way into a full household.

I had recently read Jayanthi Padmanaban's blogpost on joint family. I love it thoroughly and wanted to a write a little of my own chronicles of living in a joint family for over 3 years now.

It takes a lot of effort to adjust into living in a joint family. I'm definitely not suggesting living in one but for those who haven't found the humor in being in one can just find inspiration. If u can. Mostly, I ignored seeing the perks of it. But when I complained on and on, my husband one day said, 'just look at it like a joke.' At that moment it didn't dawn on me what he was trying to say but slowly it sunk in.

The first thing to do is learn to 'not react'. One is bound to get so many suggestions/advice/comments (definitely no compliments) on parenting and sometimes even on being a wife. Almost all of them irritate to the bone, so slowly once you learn to not react, it's just blissful. You remain the same and the comment goes unnoticed and the nobody gets…