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My husband loves Robin Sharma. hmpf.

I don't know why - but I don't like Robin Sharma's books much. My husband lovves his books. hmpf.

(I have this controlling feeling in me where I expect ppl around me to hate those who I hate just to make me feel nice - fortunately, my husband brings me back to earth by being himself!)

A friend of mine (who is definitely reading this) suddenly on the phone uttered a few words 'I think my husband is the best thing that happened to me. I'm just so sure if I'm!' It gave me a literal heart attack. 1.Cause those words came out of her mouth. 2.I felt the same.

Spider web

I got to witness a spider spin its web when I was in class 6 once.I was hiding in an underground water tank in my grandma's house because I fought with my cousin. I watched the whole construction for 3 hours and felt so peaceful after that.

I got to see just a little today, but the outcome was beautiful. It started drizzling after a few shots, i wondered if the web would still be there - but alas, the web was destroyed.

Mummy's finds :)

Mummy find the rarest of things.. she found a huge shell at Pondy once. The wooden item below is a holder with hands that open to hold the shell. The shell holds 'firangipani flowers' she keeps near the agarbathi corner every evening.

Bees wax candle from the NIlgiris

A bees wax candle from the Nilgiris - a product of the Kurumba tribe.

Aids, Anti-everything and Anna Hazare!

I'm so proud I can up with this title - I got all A's! Why the title? - I'll get to that.

Someone's FB status said 'Dares everyone with an Anna Hazare status update to actually say why he's fasting .....without Googling his name first'

Frankly, till this morning I had no idea who Anna Hazare was. When I first read his name my (evil) head said 'Why is he named Anna?' I read the article and got back to work. NDTV kept rambling on and on (as usual) about how people were supporting on road, social networks, magazines, papers. I was a little amazed. I decided to read up on this guy. Nope, I had no idea who he was. I Googled him! ;) I read up on Wiki about how he had literally brought up this village and made some great anti-alcohol measures. I wondered how he wasn't in one of our history books - then my (evil) head said 'He is still alive, he isn't history yet!'

I watched all the Tamil news channels making promises about their free mixies…

Macro management

I experimented a lot yesterday with the macro feature on my camera. This was the best shot I could get of the hibiscus. Yes, I know flowers, vegetables and leaves are no more allowed according to 'Nobody's Rules' but till i find interesting subjects, I will have to keep posting these.

The scarlet hearted hibiscus

FINALLY my hibiscus sapling gives birth - to not one little hibiscus, not two little hibiscus.. but 10 little scarlet hearted hibiscus! It feels like summer here in Tirupur - but my flowers have never been happier! Get a glimpse of the other pictures on my flickr page.

Makes me smile everytime..

3 in a day, yeah I know. Pictures taken as and when i see and feel the need to post. Posted when I get the time. :)

The yellow one you see with the drawings of a shirt and a pant are from last week. My mother in law and I were in the kitchen and all of a sudden the door bell rang like someone sat on its switch. We ran to see who it was. It was Padhu. He stormed into the house as we opened the door and ran upstairs saying 'urgent, urgent'. (Padhu cannot use his office loo) Thank god office is just a street away! I followed Padhu upstairs and found his pants on the cot. I took them and hid them in the kitchen downstairs and left him this note. My mother in law and I had a hearty laugh at the boy who came down with a towel around his waist looking satisfied! Haha! I love Padmanaban!

On my 'To Read' list

Padhu and I finally got some time together. We took off to Coimbatore and met a few cousins. On our way back we stopped at Odyssey to buy a few books (to last till we came to CBE again). I'm starting with 'The White Tiger' first. Any early reviews?

We are the champions!

Sparkling victory by Team India tonight! Inscribed in history of cricket will be Kapil dev and Mahendra Singh Dhoni till the next winning captain comes along! Great effort Lankans! When Virat Kohli said "Sachin carried the burden for 21 years, its about time we carried him" - every Sachin Tendulkar fan had the goosebumps and tears of ecstasy! Great playing, brilliant action - happy moments - all go into the history of cricket! Dhoni - you are the man!

Team India - we are one happy and proud country! Go home to your families and celebrate!

5 new neighbors next door!!

Padhu and I woke early and peeped out of our window and look who we saw - our new neighbors! 5 cute little puppies :)