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Chilli - Milaga

My official duty every morning is to pluck flowers and decorate the puja room - blah - i know. Well, today I found a bunch of chillis in the single chilli plant in our tiny garden. Clicked it!

8 and 9 January :)

Yesterday we had a 'bring home baby' pooja for my brother in law's girl baby. they still don't have a name for her. There was so much shopping to be done - So I didn't post any pictures. Well here they are though.

Amazingly, Padhu had no work this Sunday. More amazing - he wanted to shop. Unimaginable - He wanted to shop in Coimbatore. Well, so off we went to CBE - or the closest civilization can get. We stopped for lunch at 'That's y food'. I didn't carry my camera along, so I had to take these pictures on my phone. I've given them the Sepia tone so that they look not so 'phone-taken'.

We had been given a big glass vase as a wedding gift and it has been lying empty ever since. Let me warn you - husbands will throw in any bits and pieces of paper from their pockets at the end of day if there is an empty vase lying around like this. I finally found some decent artificial flowers in Westside, Coimbatore (that's right - now we have a We…