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20 super years of Cricket!

He hasn’t just survived, he’s left his imprint on every situation,” Harsha Bhogle, the doyen of Indian cricket commentators, said. “It is a colossal achievement. On his first tour of England he batted against Eddie Hemmings, who had made his first-class debut seven years before Tendulkar was born. He now shares a dressing room with kids who were having their umbilical cord cut when he was scoring his first century.”

"Commit all your sins when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even GOD will be watching then!"

The little champion! The master blaster! SACHIN TENDULKAR!

I was a crazy cricket fan during my school days. I watched every match, both ODIs and test matches. Then Sidney Sheldon & Agatha Christie came into my life. Aah the novel days! I still watched every world cup like a faithful Indian. I got to watch the man make his 200* in ODI on my friend's comp yesterday. Goosebumps? Thrill? I didn't know. But when I got back home and watched the hig…

letter to the folks

February 12, 2010.
Dear Amma & Daddy,

There’s exactly a month left – a month left for me to come back home. One month to be close with family, one month to be with you all whenever I want to. One month left for me to unpack finally. I’m looking forward to wake up and see your faces. I’m looking forward to ignore the word ‘roommates.’ I’m looking forward to living out of a cupboard and not a suitcase. I’m looking forward to eating meals with family.

I remember crying the day you dropped me off for the first time in my classroom in Nazareth. Daddy wasn’t there. He was in London. I remember holding Amma’s saree and pleading for you not to leave me. I could never understand how you could do that to me. That was the first time I left home. That was the first boarding school I went to. I knew I would be allowed to go back home after a month. I made up my mind to cry a lot and win my case and never come back to boarding school again. I failed my own plan. That was the first/last time I cr…

Save The Tiger!

There are many ways to make a direct difference. While individal opportunities vary, there is much you can do.

We live in a global villiage, and its time that we start talking like its one! We can learn and engage each other to find opportunities to make the greatest difference.

Save The Tiger!

destination unknown

I read this on a friend's Gtalk status recently.

A person has three choices in life. You can swim against the tide and get exhausted, or you can tread water and let the tide sweep you away, or you can swim with the tide, and let it take you where it wants you to go

I smiled and thought - maybe I should go tell someone what I think about that and so here I'm. Who has a choice in life? Do you get to swim across life if you want to face it like that? What happens if life was a piece of cake - would you still wade into it just cause you want to swim against the tide?

1) you swim against the tide
2) you let the tide take you where it wants
3) you swim with the tide - (which whether you do or not you are going to be taken with the tide)

One doesn't get three choices - There is one way - and the end result is all the same - destination unknown.