13 June, 2011

My past week :)

The gone week had so much, I couldn't even keep up with time. I was awake so early and when I was hitting the bed it was already midnight. The whole family was busy with my niece's ... uh.. how should I put it.. Head Tonsuring Ceremony and Ear piercing ceremony.

So, tonsuring a baby's head is a part of tradition with most people down south. The hair is apparently a sacrifice made to the lords. Along with that the baby's ears are pierced too. I don't really know why this is done.. but personally its just a way of welcoming the kid into the fashion world. All this happened and baby Nethra was oh-so-pretty and huggable with her bald head and chubby smile.

With all this, I lost focus of my weakness - falling ill during changing seasons. I had a terrible viral infection in my throat that led on to fever, cold and now cough. A good friend got married when I was recovering.. and I missed the wedding. Sorry Karthick, I hope the guys made you do mad stuff at your bachelors!

I did do something to cheer me up though - shopping. Yeah, I'm officially someone who feels better when she shops. "you are so materialistic" would have been my reaction a year back but I just realized being materialistic is overrated and in the wrong way. So what if someone is materialistic? I'll get to that in my next post.

I have been fuming about Baba Ramdev the past week. I cannot believe he got more attention than my FB statuses. pah, that guy. I haven't cooked, I haven't baked. All I have done is slept, whined, sneezed, coughed and been a good aunt for baby Nethra.

My new laptop is here to cheer me up on a Monday though! Now I can get on with my work and not stop :) Looking forward to something very exciting... I will shush it for now! Have a super week!

Welcoming my new friend!

That's the newest addition to my bedroom! Back to blogging and writing :) For those committed 3 readers I know - I'm back!

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