08 August, 2008

feeling beautiful again...

There is still a week to go... to be home after 6 months... to see all my school friends in life's first ever Alumni meet... to take pictures of the places we all had the best time... Also, to go to KKD for my best friends wedding! The very first wedding among all of us! 

So excited ever since i booked my tickets... I'm so glad I put up with myself for these excited days! When i come back work is gonna suck big time, im gonna be so homesick, so lost without the best of people around me... so bored with none to bug knowing they wont mind! But I'm gonna go and be back... be back! Aah! Yup..! 

Can't wait to go see the bride in all blushes (or shud we teach her to) dressed and still squeaky!! 

Back to the grind

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