09 December, 2009

The 5 Kinds Of People On Facebook

i) The Show Off
ii) The Attention Seeker
iii) The Writer/Publisher
ix) The Addict
x) The Complain Pot

The Show Off

Be it America or Amichikkarai, do you update your status as soon as you land in this place? Stuck in a traffic jam? - want the whole world to know you use your mobile to check Facebook? Do you announce to everyone on your friends list that you bought a new phone? Or maybe a laptop? Or even a car? Do you have more than one album of only your pictures in different parts of the world with tag lines that name each part? - Well, I classify you 'The Show Off.'

The Attention Seeker

When you are pissed, irritated, annoyed, angry and sad in life - if you tend to let that be your status message - you tend to get replies like 'Aww, what happened honey?' , 'Is everything Ok?', 'I hope things get better soon!'. The kind of attention that will increase TRP and make you think what you did was right. Its ok to be so, not everyone is as open as you are.

The Writer/Publisher

The happy people I would call them! Those who think letting people know what they are up to in general. Read a good book? watched a great movie? had a good trip? new post on your blog? You think its a nice quote and want others to read it as well, you read an article and share it online, you look forward to reviews and reactions from friends on something general. Well, you're the kind who has an opinion and wants others to share theirs too!

The Complain Pot

Wonder how things work on Facebook? Still blinking how you got tagged and dunno what to tell people when they said they saw your pic on FB? ;) You think Orkut is easy and FB is complicated? You don't really know how to change privacy options on FB? Well, don't complain - ask someone and its easy then. You will love it like the million others! FB is fun!

The Addict

Any of the above + an addiction = The Addict. Well, if you wake up and log on to Cafe world to see whats cooked or not, check your farm to harvest, open roller coaster kingdom to release guests - well, i will just have to pat your back and say "My friend, we've all been there - Get A Life!" Social networking is a part of your life, you cannot go to sleep without seeing what your world has done today. You have to post on your friends walls, well well - its not so bad. And its not a disease! ;) The addicts are a mix of the 4 kinds above - you need to be here. Some even make a living out of it. Some stalk, others sneak peek, and some others just love to post!

Well, whatsoever - Facebook rocks and so do we all!

I'm an addict = an addiction + The Writer/Publisher. Who are you?

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