23 April, 2009

Seen love for hyd yet?.. Uhh.. No!

I promised Naveen/Padhu/Hari/Shilpa/Lakshmi/Cynthia that I would never complain about how much I hate Hyderabad again. I also promised that I would make sincere effort in getting to like this place but its been 2 years and I still hate this place. Hate it.

After all those promises, I've had 2 incidents of landlord misbehavior, 2 auto attacks and horrible horrible auto drivers! I've known people back home who would step up and help if you were having a problem in a public place. In Hyderabad people just watch. People just continue to do what they are doing. They acknowledge the noise by looking and then they turn away.

I just encountered a terrifying incident this morning on my way to work. I was running late as usual and had to take an auto. In a particular signal 2 Eunuchs attacked me and demanded for money. I knew I had to get rid of them with the money so I didn't think about the 200 bucks I gave them. And after that when one of them got into the auto and touched me in places, I was horrified. I screamed at him and told him to get off and looked ahead to call the police. They constantly kept tugging me mobile and my bag which was scary. Once I screamed 'Excuse me' for the police, they ran away.

What was most surprising was the auto driver who enjoyed the scene from the rear view mirror. The two IT guys on bike nearby didn't bother to even turn. The guys in the open van nearby didn't do anything. All of them did one thing - ignore.

What am I supposed to do? Still try liking Hyderabad? Huh!

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