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I would run if I were asked to have a conversation with someone about my religious views. I would run, really. I've had them before, they didn't taste good. They are always controversial, and they freak me out.

I think I'm agnostic. I believe in destiny. Things don't necessarily happen for a reason. Every second is born. Nothing is planned. I believe there is something that started somewhere and doesn't know where to stop. That's the something that started mankind and mankind has gone on and on. That's the something that starts the wind out of no where. And this something can get pissed when it wants to. Maybe that's what's controlling everything.

I pray. When I pray I say - If I fail this exam, dad should not be at home when the report card reaches home. And mostly, it never works. I pray saying 'I should have the will power not to spend this money, so I can buy my brother something when I go home'. My prayer totally depends on me - I undo …