18 August, 2009

Rakhi weds while Millions watch!

'I hate Rakhi Sawanth!!' - well who doesn't?! Drama Queen, Item Girl, Boob job, Cleavage mania and what not.

Saturday afternoon at home is a normal 'wake up and have chocos' time. But last Saturday was much more - I needed a LOT of salt to watch and digest what was happening on NDTV imagine. A re-telecast of the whole "Rakhi Ka Swayamwar' season. My roommmate was watching it and she was Very interested! Every statement she made was like crap to me. I had heard about this show - i hadn't watched it earlier. I was laughing my arse off with every scene.

She met the mother's of all the grooms before she decided who she should marry - What bullshit. They talked abt the guy - his girlfriend - how he did this show only because of the publicity - how he will let go of his girlfriend if he wins - bullcrap.

I was criticizing everything about the show, when my room mate got very offended. She said 'pragi, why don't you watch the show with a pinch of salt? if you are watching my tv stop criticizing like this!' Ignoring the part that it was her tv, i went on to think - how much salt i would actually require to think something like this was sane enough in the first place - how something like this is actually happening to bear with the reality involved in it.

That was not the end. The D-day was there - and rakhi walks across the line of awaiting grooms with a garland in her hand while the families of the grooms wait with the mangalsuta and a saree WAIITING to get on stage as soon as Rakhi garlands their son - if she does. What!! When did people in India become so OK with the fact that weddings can happen through TV shows - how weddings can happen without a kundli match - if not for Rakhi or the Tv publicity would parents be OK with their sons marrying like that? Would they be ok marrying her and living her life?

Well, it ends like this. I hate her and yet I watched. I hated the whole idea and yet I watched. I laughed at the whole thing and I can't get it off my head. Kudos! But how far can people go to make real moments in life completely fake?

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