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Forecast for the next two months.

There is a solid 6 week gap before Baby G makes his first flight abroad, but excitement has gotten over me. We are going to Bali for 6 days to attend the Inner Wheel AGM. It's going to be his first beach, first flight, first dip in a pool and I'm hoping many more firsts. As scary as all these firsts sound now, I'm totally excited about having a fun trip with him. We got an excitement hit last Sunday and did some pool accessories shopping for Baby G. 
It's going to be one of those trips where he sees much more than home and my parents home. He is beginning to talk so much now, I cannot wait to go on this trip. Before this trip I'm hoping to get a big list accomplished..
- get him to forget the 'thottil' (cloth cradle)  - get him used to a pool  - potty train him (this one is BIG) - plan and pack light. 
Since this one is an ambitious list, Daddy G has offered to help with the packing light. We plan on going with just one cabin luggage and one hand luggage. No iPod…