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16 years of vanavaas!

I'm turning 22 on 17 February, 2008, i e, in less than a month's time. Of these 22 years, I've lived in hostel 13 years in boarding, hostels. Yes, a long long time away from home. Don't ask me why...

When I knew what it was I opted for it. When I didn't I cried over it. I cried just once. I don't remember crying after that at all. I don't remember those days when preparation was actually happening to send me to a boarding school, but of course I remember the day I went there. Dad was away at London. Perima, mama and amma dropped me in school. I was overjoyed with the number of pencils and rubbers, stuffed toy, new clothes, hankies with VP embroided on them. It was fun to see all that go into a trunk just for myself.

The official stuff was all done, fees paid. I was a month and a half late to join school. I joined only in August. I missed a lot. But I didn't know what that exactly meant then. Mom took me to my class and left me there and turned to leav…

My kingdom~

My kingdom has the king, the queen, the prince and me the princess. I would not want to lose these people for the world. Life’s going smooth. All’s well. Every time I go back home from hostel, I get only the best. At least what I feel is the best. Favorite food is on the menu. Whining and throwing tantrums is allowed. I get to watch what I want on TV. My favorite music is always on the CD player in the car, TV till 1 am. I’m allowed to take calls and say “Dad not at home. He just left his mobile here” sitting right next to him. Chocolates from the most recent country my dad visited is in the freezer are always waiting. Waking at 9 am is totally forbidden as it’s too early (Dad will switch on the AC and I get to continue hugging a stuffed toy.)
Yes, I live a luxurious life. I didn’t have a driver who waits with a classy, glossy and expensive car to pick me up from or drop me back in boarding school. I’ve had my parents pick me up and drop me back every time. I didn’t have nannies that b…