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'Just a..'

I initially decided to stick to liking facebook statuses, retweeting and sharing articles on this issue, but then I decided I would become 'just another' one of them if I didn't type this one out.

Twitter, people say is the medium where one talks to oneself waiting for others to join the conversation. Yeah, when I used it I was doing so. I considered myself a celebrity and tweeted about every single worm I saw in my garden. Then I stopped cause, no one was reading. Anyone who read it wasn't gng to benefit from it and I was just typing and refreshing because I was bored. 
The recent Deepika vs TOI issue caught my attention and I was a bit amused at first. A leading news daily actually tweeted the words 'cleavage'. And they actually said 'OMG, her cleavage'! If I were still working in Google, it would be an equivalent to disapproving an ad because they used the words 'Click Here' for an online ad. In my head, I read the tweet and Deepika's repl…