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Facebook Free

After years of being an active social media user, I finally pulled the plug on Facebook. It's was an instant decision and it is right.

Birthday wishes had become wall posts. Expressiveness had stopped with 'aww' and 'Like'. I wasn't laughing out loud when I said 'Lol'. A mere smile is considered lol. Every time i went somewhere, the world had to know. Pointless pictures were taking over my albums. Instagram made my Nikon a loser.  Pictures of friend's on vacation just made me depressed sometimes. Pictures of food made me even more depressed. A pathetic pizza in Tirupur's Domino's was what i started craving for. Friends were all selling cakes, jewellery and anything under the sun on Facebook. Somewhere something said 'Do it' and  I clicked 'Deactivate'. I feel like I just got rid of a disease.

On a brighter note, in the past 4 days, I've read three books. One of them repeated to get me started. Downed Danielle Steele'…