21 January, 2015


There was a realisation phase that happened recently. I hadn't used a touch screen phone until last year. I was a qwerty lover and I relied on typing the hell out of the keys. I guess the touch screen brought about a brilliant change. Every time I would want to exit something on my qwerty, I'd press the red button and instantly I would be out. This happens even during my conversations with people, specially my husband. I would argue or reply and I would make it so sharp that the other person would not feel like replying after that. I loved it at that point and that was my red button to end the conversation. It was like the decision has been made and your opinion doesn't matter. It was abrupt, rude and I knew it. Most of the times, I was right but another opinion would never hurt. 

Then came the day the touch screen arrived. Everyone said it was easy and so I obliged. The thing about the touchscreen is, the touch registers a little slower than the pressing of the button on the qwerty. And when you want to exit an app, there is not button to abruptly leave. There is a back option that needs to be touched. I was fuming when the phone wasn't fast enough for me but later I slowed down. In every aspect. I'd wait to see how long it took and another 3 seconds wasn't hurting. I'd also wait to hear what people and Padhu had to say, consider it and then reply. I then decided that this also works. I've had the phone for over a year now and it's slower than when I bought it but now it doesn't matter. It has given me the strength to accept that everything cannot be controlled and letting go or waiting won't hurt. I tried applying the same in many aspects at home and there came a huge change, a peace of mind and a spotless home. 

Dear Other Realisations, 

Do arrive quicker.


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