12 June, 2007

June 12th, 2007

Wonder why i chose this day to start blogging.

I have 4 days left to start my first job at Google. I woke with my mom yelling for me to start packing to leave. As i got out of bed I began thinking of how i got the job.....

"I remember attending the company's presentation just to bunk accountancy classes and to escape from my class teacher. I was late and missed the presentation but was on time for the first round of tests of selection. It was an easy round where i was asked to correct a few mistakes in a paragraph. Sitting in a group of 60 with many friends scattered in the room i completed the paper first and walked out of the class with an air of pride. (Wonder why i do that always)"

With the toothbrush stuck in my mouth I heard my mom call me again for breakfast. Finished my job as fast as i could and sat at the table. As bread was served I gobbled all i could and left the table to switch on my phone. As it switched on I started thinking again....

"With no interest in the results I waited in a room along with the others who wrote the test for the results. The person in-charge announced all the names where my name came last. We were asked to go into another room and write out 3 essays. Yeah.. i did. 3 long essays. And knew that I was selected for the personal interview which was the next round. Gaining some interest I prepared my resume 3 weeks before the interview. It looked a little attractive according to a few friends of mine but budhu approved it immediately. Felt Encouraged :) .

I got myself ready for interview which was 3 months after I knew I was selected. I had to wait for almost the whole day for my turn. I was the last person to be interviewed. Presented myself at 4 panels and finally was selected. Then came the 8 tele-interviews from which i could not really figure out the reaction of the interviewer. But waited on. Days went on well. I was again the last one to receive my offer letter. But when i did... obviously happy".

Before mom could scream again I decided to pack. Got all my documents ready and started to pack. Holding the offer letter by itself gave me some kind of a feeling inside. I realised i have felt the same a milliong times before. And then realised I'd know what it is... I felt beautiful :)

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