Makes me smile everytime..

3 in a day, yeah I know. Pictures taken as and when i see and feel the need to post. Posted when I get the time. :)

The yellow one you see with the drawings of a shirt and a pant are from last week. My mother in law and I were in the kitchen and all of a sudden the door bell rang like someone sat on its switch. We ran to see who it was. It was Padhu. He stormed into the house as we opened the door and ran upstairs saying 'urgent, urgent'. (Padhu cannot use his office loo) Thank god office is just a street away! I followed Padhu upstairs and found his pants on the cot. I took them and hid them in the kitchen downstairs and left him this note. My mother in law and I had a hearty laugh at the boy who came down with a towel around his waist looking satisfied! Haha! I love Padmanaban!


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