Wish my dream comes true...

I had the weirdest of dreams 2 days back. I hear early morning dreams come true, I soo wish this does. Its one of the things that I've been thinking about over and over again. What happens once a girl gets married? Loses all the touch with her friends... all go their way. I so don't want anything of that sort to happen to me. I would feel soo guilty on my death bed! My friends so deserve me!

Well the dream went this way... Cindy a friend of mine (I can tell her about anything under the sun!) Yea that meant, most of my girl talk! I dream that Cindy and I go shopping in Coimbatore. We 2 friends are married to 2 friends and we get to be together forever and forever. That means we can discuss just about anything at any point of time in life.

I had the best laugh with her when I told her this. We laughed over it on conference and everything but when I ended up I was flooded with emotions === pray my dream should come true.

A girl should always have her Besst pal! The one who can be there for you just about anytime! The one who's ego does not live when u r around, the one who she can discuss anything under the sun! The one BEST friend for life!

P.S : My tooth fairy : If you are reading this, plss phullleasseee grant me this one wish for all the teeth I saved under my pillow!


Classic2pal said…
Well Pragi..actually of late I have not got any tooth from you..its been ages..am waiting for the last 4 teeth of yours to arrive. Once I get them --- your wish fulfilled! Yours - Who else?? Your beloved tooth Fairy!

P.S. : Hammers are available with a loan upto 2 days. 0% Interest.
Pragi said…
Jackass!! Kick you!! Do one thing.. marry one of my friends!!

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