13 October, 2008


@ work and guys!

This has been in my head for over a year now. Men @ work : URGH! After having lived in a residential school where boys are fed chivalry and manners, the guys in my office turn out to be men with nothing. They yawn without closing their mouths : gosh, I don't wanna count your cavity and fillings nor do I wanna breathe around there for the next one minute. They chew with their mouths open, alk with food in their mouth : euuw. Like Phoebe says in FRIENDS : I asked for news, not the weather! Seriosly!

With everyone who has a personal side of themselves, a secretive side. Shush side of everyone. I dunno why it bothers me so much when guys @ work download and watch porn in office. I mean, how desperate can u be?! In office?! Do what you want, use a privacy screen for gods sake.

I'm someone who cannot take foul language. Never. The F word when unnecessary can piss me off. Language in office can get disgusting, so disgusting I can slap someone. Urgh! Wish I could. Learn some normal language man. I'm sure your mom or sis or anybody from family or the surrounding u grew in would not appreciate this. Is this your attempt of trying to be 'cool.' If yes, good. But URGH!

More complaints on this subject : bad breath, body odour, hygiene, peeking into others screens (specially when they are chatting), smell of smoke after a smoke (yeah, its normal but PHHHULEASSEE), comment on other girls in lewd language.

Well, this is my attempt not to correct guys. Just REALLY taken aback with how guys can be so not bothered about themselves.

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