13 October, 2008


Another Saturday night with nothing to do!

Yes, I'm still complaining! Not tonight though... Today turned out to be great.. nah... greater than all the other boring weekends in Hyd!

What I did : nothing. Hee :D What I actually did the whole day : Woke, got the maid to do all the cleaning, called for lunch, watched FRIENDS, and lazed the afternoon to evening and then night. Me being me. Alone, bored, but happy. Hee :D

Last night turned out to be such a memorable night. I laughed and laughed with a few friends over a conference call about my dream. I told the friend of mine about my dream. We laughed it out like crazy and this conference call can keep me going for weeks. we chatted and chatted. The boys were making plans to go to Dubai. This was when I was sad. I cannot go with them cause I'm the only girl. The guys even gave me ideas of how I can convince my dad and just go to Dubai. It was very sweet of them. But I'm dead sure dad's not gonna let me... and that's because I'm not gonna ask him. To be the one who initiated the trip plans, I sure am gonna miss it if it happens. I wish it does, I don't have any nice pictures of these guys together - infact noone has pictures of these guys together.

God bless Google for their phones, I can conference with friends abroad as well. And these calls make me feel really happy. Even if the other 2 people are talking something as boring as business. Yeah, business talk bugs me. Specially when I have no idea about the field. I just realised that if it were my girlfriends who were talking about the latest nail color - I would not know that either. What would I know?! Now, that's a thinker.

My TV time : I have been away from TV for about 3 weeks, actually ever since my room mate refused to let me watch something I wanted to and rudely claimed it to be her TV. I've been giving her this cold treatment and I don't give that treatment to anyone but people who really need to see that side of me. She's outta town this weekend. I've been watching it for maybe an hour now. So pissed. Headlines today, NDTV, and every damn news channel is reporting that Amitabh Bachan is admitted with hernia on his 66th birthday. Well, I think its time's way of telling him : Get some rest bugger, let other people start making money too. What's with this family 'The Bachans,' and the news. The lord of the house has hernia and its news... the lady of the house likes SRK better than Aamir and its news... the bachu cannot control the bahu in Bangkok during an award function and its news... the bahu is spotted in London shopping in a mall and its news! Isn't it what people wanna see the only day they have time to watch TV and get parallel with what's happening in the world! Utter madness! Well, who cares if his hernia is easy to operate or not - there are kids who need basic vaccination. Cover them, not a 66 year old guy who owns an island in dubai, 150 windmills in UP and has the world's most beautiful bahu and a stupid son who chose to stay the house dog forever!

Abhishek and John are acting like a gay couple in a movie : Cant wait!

Maanada Mayilada : Another reality show that has been going on for about a year noe. I remember watching it for the first time voluntarily cause one of the choreographers I had met once was performing. This show is something my mom once watched and forgot to call my lil brother in boarding school. Good show : if not for their (including the judges) costumes weren't like lit up Christmas trees.

I'm sitting with a box of ice cream which I paid 320 bucks for right now. Its my usual Sunday routine - laze the whole day and do nothing and just when it gets dark feel like having ice cream. Be lazy to go out and order home for the minimum amount 300 :)

The most recent worry in my life is that my Picasa online photo storage limit is over. And so is my blogger storage. I'm beginning to use vpragi@gmail.com instead of pragiv@gmail.com - yeah, i have both! :)

Now to get on with work, let me get to forwarding emails to the right queues. Will be back with more boredom and something beautiful.

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