22 January, 2008

What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Your name is your identity. That’s what you are and that’s what you’re called. It’s like your mobile number. If you change it and you’ll have to inform all the people you know and even the government! Even if you lose your number you can get a duplicate... you cant lose your name. You'll find it the next time someone calls you!

I remember those days when I whined long nights about my name. Is pra-ga-tham-bal really difficult to pronounce? Yeah, it is 4 syllables. And, it’s a goddess whom I’m named after. I remember how people looked at me when I said, “Hi, I’m Pragathambal from Tirupur.” “What from Tirupur?” Phew! I was quiet sick and tired of it until I saw this article in a popular Tamil magazine. This article was about a temple named after the goddess Pragathambal. This temple is in Tanjore and that’s all I could get from that article. I was overjoyed about knowing where the temple is. I could tell people that there is a temple now.

Truly, never felt bad about having such a name. It was unique. It is one thing that has stuck with me at all times! ;) (That’s how an optimist looks at it baby!) Seriously, the only thing sticking to me ever since I was named! Lol!

I've carried this name away from its origin... far and wide. Let's start with all the places... Switzerland, France, The Eiffel Tower, Basel, Amsterdam, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. That's a good list! :)

I haven't had people in Paris say, "What?? Praga.... ?? WHAT AGAIN??? Who named you this?"

It's just this reaction. So, how do I pronounce your name. Wait lemme try," 'pra-getham-ble' Sounds good?" ABSOLUTELY good! I love it when it is this way! It's exactly like how we Indians try to pronounce 'Dominique Cousteau.'

I love my slam books. A few quotes from my books...

"When I first heard your name I though you were one perfect 'pattikkadu'. However, later on I changed my notion about you. You rock girl!"

"Pragathambal... whosoever named you!! This name has brought you where you are now! Luv you"

This does feel nice... :) :) Well... as of now, I'm called Pragi. People find Pragi cool! (I do too) But, Pragathambal is me. I'm Pragathambal Veluswamy.

Pragatha - from pragathi meaning PROGRESS
Ambal - from the goddess ambal

That's what my name means! What does yours mean? Anything special? Anything unique? Put it on my comments!

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