27 March, 2008

Status - My definition

There is this group of people I know in Tirupur who do some things. Read on

---- Buy the costliest clothes only for the Brand
---- Purposely leave the price tag on it the first time, just so that someone sees it and go WHOA!
---- Swing these clothes around when they go "hahahaha" for the not at all funny jokes
---- Fold these clothes and never spend on their dry cleaning ;)
---- Repeat these clothes for a 'family function' after a 'social get together'
---- Talk no end of these clothes when asked
---- Think they can just carry off these clothes

---- Donate 1 crore just so that their name comes on the paper
---- Add in their column in the paper "We wanted to make an Anonymous donation, but the trust wanted to publish this. This was not necessary"
---- Poise for these pictures near the poshest hotels for making a donation

---- Wear plastic smiles wherever they go
---- Host a party once a while just to remind their friends "we're here"

---- Hire nannies to take care of their babies
---- Buy mobile phones for their kids in 5th standard (latest)
---- Send these kids abroad, however DUMB they are for their MBA or even university

***************** LIVE PEOPLE!******************

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