December 16 - its today.

The subject would have got you wondering what is today. Well, its just another day but somehow this morning I woke up and decided to decide on my new year resolution and agenda today.

Psst psst - Never wake up with this thought.

Well, as I brushed I peeped into my bedroom oops, sorry - our bedroom and saw Chin sleeping.

Psst psst - I call Padhu Chin.

Then I wondered, last year by now what was I doing? I remember being very clear about my 2010 resolutions. I remember posting it here and I remember Pradeep Subramaniam being very proud of that post. Right now with the blog rate I'm going, Pradeep Subramaniam wont talk to me in the next wedding he sees me in.

Psst psst - Weddings are where I meet people these days. Itsoften - so I enjoy!

Well, last year by now - I was engaged. I had given my one month notice to my company. But I had late wake up hours.

I have a looottt of time for myself since I'm not working anymore. So here goes. My agenda for 2011. (two oh one one!)


See, I told you not to wake up with this thought. Now jump to the one above and read. ;)


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