22 January, 2009

A beautiful movie!

Working for Google has its benefits – number one the food, number two the transport, number three the lovely people with you who will have all kinds of movies with them that they can pass on. One of those movies that I borrowed from a friend is the ‘The World’s Fastest Indian.’

I find it really difficult to fall asleep before 11pm these days so I decided to put myself to sleep with this movie. The story is not complicated, does not have flying men, does not have men armed with forces that can destroy the universe and its evil powers – btw these kinda movies are not my type. The movie is about this very determined old man who wants to break his own land record on his hand built motorbike – The Indian. He lives in New Zealand and wants to break his record in America (where he has never been before.) The basic encouragement and warmth he receives from people of his little town and Thomas – the little boy next door is heart breaking. (To be honest I cried when I watched him leave to America – somehow I has this feeling he would die in the US or something)

“Dad doesn’t think you can do it, he says everyone thinks that – Except me!” – This was a moving line from the little guy! “If you don’t follow your dreams, you might as well be a vegetable!” – This is what he tells the little boy before he leaves. I don’t really wanna know what it means but it was such a nice thing to hear! The basic culture shock he faces in America is depicted so well – I loved the way he answers the waitress for how he wants his eggs “I want them cooked dear!” It’s nothing much to listen to but coming from an adorable old man is so sweet!

The movie ends beautifully with Burt (oh, his name!) breaking his own record and returning home for a warming welcome. The movie closes with titles that say he did go back and break 9 more of his records.

From this movie –

Peeping on your lemon tree helps fertilize the plant – doesn’t pee fertilize all kinds of plants?

In America you are not allowed to park your car on a highway – never seen any police patrol on our highways!

You should always have someone to look up to – I always thought outperforming yourself was the only thing to look up to in life. (No comments about this, please!)

Never watch a very nice movie before you are going to sleep – You don’t sleep till 3 am that night! (or the next morning!)

I loved this movie! – MUST WATCH!

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