In unison with Nature!~

Feeling the wind of the eucalyptus on your face...
Craving for a glance of the city deep below...
Stiffening holds during the bends...
Stopping by to eat magosteen...
Open air lunches and waterfalls...
The trek up Ooty is to die for!

Queen of hills~~~

The Nilgiris (Blue hills) - my home for 6 years. Nazareth Convent - the place that laid the foundation for what I'm today. Like VG always says, "School is the place where you learn values for life." Dormitory life, prayer before meals, noise, pranks.. everything in me comes from there!

Saturday tuck shops!! Standing in a line would never bore me anytime :) Saturday was the much awaited day for all boarders where we could pick our junk for a certain amount to fill our study desks with food. Lollipops, chips, kit kat, peanuts, naturo... never will I forget those times when we 'SHARED' our tuck! :) LOL! 5 of us put our food together so it looks like we've got a lot. You think so? 5 ppl eating 5 ppl's food is equal to one person eating theirs! lol! whatever! :)

Stealing carrots from the carrot fields, sneaking into the woods, stealing ice apples from the convent gardens, collecting poppy seeds from the principals garden, making noises in the dorm in a gang, hiding to eat grub from under the table during study, rushing for an early bath, waiting for saturday morning and wake at 8, innumerable sports day drills; march past practices; dances for sports day, FAN business (LOL!), December chills, most awaited summer holidays and weekends, smell of eucalyptus, pine garden, Bethlehem fair :) :), and a lot more memories remain afresh!!

Love you Ooty!


Anonymous said…
Hiii.. I am soo glad to read your post. Moreover because even I am an ex-student of Naz:)
The best times of my life was spent in Naz.Your post made me realllyyyy nostalgic(M missing Naz like hell) Please keep them coming:)

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