19 February, 2009

Flicky Bank!

It's that time of the morning when I decide to wake up and work. Unknown number calls and says "Madam we are issuing loan for your account - do u want?" Its like listening to a chaai waala ask you "Madam, do you want a vadai to go with your tea?"!
These sales calls have become so bad! I get atleast a minimum of three from these people!

Its a typical day at work when my I get an SMS with my Credit Card Balance. Regular readers can back me up here btw. 27 January 2009 I decide to cut my credit card and NEVER use it again. I checked my online account to see the 'statement' and I was SHOCKED to see 2 transactions on 16 February 2009. I'm just so glad i checked!!! My credit card was charged 2000/- bucks for an insurance policy which I didn't even know I had!!!

I called customer care and this is the answer they give. 'Madam, this is an insurance policy that you sign for over the phone. Also, you have been holding this policy for over a year and you paid last year's fee as well.' I asked her how a policy of mine could go on for more than a year without my knowledge. And her reply 'Madam, the sales people would have informed you that this is an auto renewal policy which just continues taking money from your account!'

Well, this is the insurance policy I have which I 'signed' for over the phone. And which I don't hold any paper document with any seal or anything. AND, it is auto renewed every year.

1) Citibank has all the time to send people SMSes about every offer they have - they couldn't send me one SMS about this damn policy I'm 'paying' for.

2) Once someone says YES over the phone, there is no confirmation where a representative actually gets your official signature for the 'papers.'

3) You call customer care with such a problem about money being charged on your CC and they have the audacity to say "2000 rupees only no Madam, keep it!!!."


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