18 February, 2009

Spoilt Kids On The Block! Run For Your Lives!!!!

What's with these kids who come outta home for the first time?!?! What do they expect, Butterflies to wake them up from their sleep? ALL things have to go their way. And when problem strikes, its sulking all the way till one gets bored of it or till people get bored of giving one the attention. Spoiled to the core. Were you given the right to JUST say ANYTHING when you were born?!

Stop rubbing you sorry single lives on my face. Snap back to reality, learn to decide, GROW UP!!

I'm a happy person and I like it that way. DO NOT SULK IN FRONT OF ME. Grow up, break your crystal shell that has been tinted with sheer pampering and spilling of love and see the real world. Its different, its new and it sucks but you're gonna have to deal with it. Whether now, or sometime later!!!

Wish I could whack the senses and wake the living reality daylights out of these people!!

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