05 February, 2009

25 random things about me

I was as usual taking my day's break by stalking people on Facebook and I came across two people's posts - 25 random things about me. I decided to list mine too. So here goes... 25 things about Pragi

1) I'm Pragathambal - though I mostly say I don't like my name - I love it! I like being called Pragi.

2) I've grown my hair to various lengths according to my mom's wishes and now I wish I hadn't.

3) I have lived away from home for most of my life and I love the independence I have. I'm never homesick, I hate that!

4) To me the most important thing is staying happy, and I try to always.

5) I love spending time with my grandparents when they are not talking about my salary or my food habits.

6) Talking of food habits, I eat a lot when I like the food. If not I waste. I've tried my best to stop wasting and I'm getting close to succeeding.

7) Over these years of school and college / friends and family - I've lost my temper and become overly patient which I now hate. I grew up trying to prove a point for everything - now I don't. I've learned to listen and I love me for that!

8) I wear Black once a week and I don't know why. I never wore pink before but now all I wanna buy is pink!

9) I sleep opposite sides on my cot - I somehow sleep better this way. I need a good conversation with someone before I go to sleep, or I cannot.

10) I'm a little fast - in everything except eating. I like to do things fast. Things that go slow don't work well with me.

11) I don't believe in horoscopes/astrology blah blah. I believe in the minute, the second. But I do make dinner plans ;)

12) I'm cranky when woken up. Very. I like sleeping till I wake myself.

13) I can stop at any paani poori waala on the road and eat. I love experimenting food from different places. My favorite so far is from Ajnabi, Fountain Plaza. :D Also, sandwich waala outside Alsamall.

14) I used to hate posing for pictures earlier, now I don't. I like having my pictures taken and I like going through them once in a while.

15) I'm super excited before my birthdays but when people ask me I hide my excitement. I love my birthdays! I sometimes have a countdown before my birthday.

16) When my laundry bag if full and my cupboard is empty - there have been instances where I took leave from college and work to wash clothes.

17) I'm a brat. Was, am, will be. I think my worst was rubbing my nanny's toothbrush on my friend's shoes when I was 12. (I think of it everyday and I feel guilty!)

18) I missed an opportunity to go to the US when I was in college. I hated myself for letting that happen. I blame myself for that though I'm not supposed to. I'm going in July 2009.

19) I eat ice cream once a week. I feel handicapped when I don't. Chocolate is a daily dose. I've passed 3 years with a resolution that I should stop eating chocolate successfully.

20) I'm used to standing in lines right from the very first boarding school I went to. So, if you see me standing behind you in any public place - That's what I'm doing.

21) I like to be left alone when I don't feel like it - but otherwise I'm the one who is speaking. Always!

22) I once dreamed that my cousin and I opening a nursery with exotic flowers and vegetables. I think of this dream once in a while.

23) I once pooped in my pants and that was the most embarrassing moment in my life ever! (I had a bad stomach!) I was 12 and that's when my nanny made fun of me and I ruined her tooth brush.

24) I thought I was a nerd in school but I wasn't. I thought I was a nerd in high school but I wasn't. I thought I was a nerd in college but I wasn't in college ever. My attendance was called Permission.

25) I love to brag about myself. Though I know I have 3 followers on this blog who know me too well. I still love to talk about myself.

There are 2 colors in my bedroom and I don't like both.


Aarti said...

I like being your 'follower' . =)July 2009.. yay!

And what colours in your room don't you like? can't be as bad as RMH :D

Pragi said...

July '09!! Can't wait! :D

And the colors are light green and brown. I could pass for a fan for Govinda!

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