06 April, 2013

I've never..

Its been a long day.. I'm awake at 12:51 am writing this. Its a list of things I've never done. Its a very very random post. One of those posts I'll regret writing a few days later.

I've never...
...tasted alcohol.
...been to a discotheque.
...had a pedicure.
...wait, it sounds like a matrimonial ad suddenly.
...been to the overrated United States Of America.
...Capitalized an O before in the United States of America.
...finished a cookbook.
...successfully achieved anything.
...gone to sleep without resolving a fight a Padhu.
...let my hair loose and gone out.
...driven a car alone.
...cried into a pillow.
...given up on keeping in touch with my friends who are far away.
...written such a dumbass post before.
...been awake so late after Baby G was born doing nothing.
...something tells me I should finish with a 'I have' list now....


I have...

...worked in Google (Its going to be on my tombstone if they bury me, so please just deal with it)
...successfully delivered a 3.8kg baby normally.
...fallen in love, married and loving it..
...eaten Mc Donalds for 15 continuous days just for their Happy Meal toys.
...gained 4 kgs after that.
...learned to master the saree.
...watched a movie all alone.
...danced in the rain.
...watched a butterfly lay eggs, a spider spin its nest and an elephant deliver a calf.
...felt wonderful after that.
...woken without snoozing the alarm. Its an achievement to me.
... realized I'm falling in love with myself now. and yawning like a fool.

I will wake up and regret. Just for laughs. Goodnight world, sorry, half of the world. Good day, the rest of you.


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