20 May, 2011

Not feeling so bad Kani.. you know life's not about the money!

The repeated scene of policewomen holding Kanimozhi's hand and walking her to the Tihar jail makes me feel like I had 20 scoops of ice cream with chocolate sauce. wait, no LINDT chocolate sauce.

Just when the nation was soo happy and proud with Dhayanidhimaran's work as Telecom Minister - Karunanidhi had to remove him from that post and appoint A.Raja. Just when the whole nation thought 'Ok, thats it, he has no more hidden wives' Karunanidhi had to bring his daughter into the limelight and use her as his walking stick. Baah, what lou. The Marans seems to be doing exceedingly well no matter what post they are given - not cause they are a part of this family, but cause the have the brains and know how to use them!

Removing Dhayanidhimaran from the post was probably the worst decision ever made - it stopped putting Kalaignar under the spotlight on their SUN network which was the only channel that covered all news! Well, who's loss was it. That was the birth of Kalaignar TV - and the bribe from the north. Had he just shut up and let Dhayanidhimaran do his job, we would have STD calls at the rate of local calls and free SMSes throughout the nation. But NOOOO, he had to spoil those little pleasures.

Bah, talking about this family is breathtaking cause it never stops. Thank god Jayalalitha won these elections with an awesome difference pushing DMK to place 3.

Well Mr.Karunanidhi - Great politician, bad leader, excellent father, bad uncle. Overall I'd just like to know, how the slap in the face with hands dipped in dung feels.

Kudos to the K family, cause honestly I've never heard of anyone work for almost 50 years in politics to end his political reign with such disgrace.

We need leaders, not politicians.

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Anonymous said...

I completely empathize with you....Marans are brainy enough to cover up their trails and look classy. They are every inch as bad as the Karunanidhi himself.

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