Keeping in touch :)

I don't know where I read it, but it said '
If someone is not keeping in touch with you, its because they don't want to'. First I stopped reading and thought - No, that can't be true. What if that person has had a baby? Not all mothers are occupied full time. Our mums managed to cook three meals, some of them even worked in farms and still take care of us. Then I thought, what if they have gone abroad? Huh, so? Keeping in touch is all about breaking the distance no matter how long it is right? What if that person got married recently? I kinda agree not calling from your honeymoon or for the first few days. But keeping in touch is not an everyday affair na? You can cheat on the attention you give to your husband by giving it to your friend, right? What if that person has a job that takes away almost the whole day? Hmm.. aren't friends the one who make you feel better? What if this person.. Wait. Person? Just cause someone ain't keeping in touch, they become a person and not your friend? Apparently, yes.

Keeping in touch is that one part of life that looks back on memories and the joy of reliving them. Friends are a part of it. Well, today facebook, email and chat have made it easy - yet most of us don't use it. I keep in touch with ALL my friends. ALL of them! How much ever it annoys them, I refuse not to stop posting on their walls, load their inboxes and the occasional lucky letter receivers. Cause I want to.

Does it bug you when your friend don't keep in touch with you? It bugs me, very badly. But then, friends are friends, right?


Nags said…
i know where you read that :) on my blog!

i used to think friends are friends no matter what, too. but now i realise it doesn't work that. friendship is a two-way street too, just like all other relationships (unless its between you and your soulmate in a coma or something!). if someone keeps in touch with you only when they need something or feel like it, that doesn't work out. also, friendship needs to be defined on both ends and that definitions need to match more or less.

just based on some lessons i learned the hard way over the past year :)
Pragi said…
Haha! I read it on urs! the TMD!

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