22 May, 2011

Choco chip mania continues

Choco chip cupcakes with honey and shredded coconut. They became so hard cause I (as always) beat with my hand. But they tasted yuuumm when heated and served with ice cream.


Nags said...

ok hope you don't think i am a freak for commenting on every single post of yours :D

regarding beating with hand leading to hardness, that's a myth. try this - if you use eggs in your recipe, get a hand-held egg beater, the old fashioned kind. separate egg and beat the white until foamy and airy. then incorporate gently into the rest of the ingredients as the recipe suggests. this will add air to the mixture and make your cakes or whatever, much softer,

another tip is to increase the quantity of baking powder by another 1/2 tsp or so.

i will send you a basic vanilla cake recipe that comes out super delicious and you don't need to beat anything. let me know if you are ok with bakes with eggs (msg me on fb, ok?)

Pragi said...

No person commenting in my blog is a freak. You can re-term with angel! Cause no one I know reads blogs (except the googlers!)

Nags, my brother came to singapore last week. I COMPLETELY forgot about the kitchenaid thing. Such a filtered idiot. Ive been saving for 6 months. All the diwali, pongal, aadi nombi, vishu money everyone gives no - ive saved just for that! I dunno how I did not think about it. Such a mandu im.

My friends Lakshmi and Nagu are in the US now. They will return to India via Singapore (a week stay) -Mabe that time I can ask them to bring it back for me. They have extra baggage allowance also! hope they havent shopped a lot!

Do send the vanilla cake recipe no? My grandma is in love with the cookies and the gooey biscuits but would prefer something softer cause she has to dip these in tes to eat :(

Could you send it across?

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