My 2010 Dreams

My OH-SO-Awesome 2009 - I cannot believe I have to say Good-bye!!

Its only December 16 and I'm packed for the rest of the year. I leave home on 18 to attend Founders on 21 and come back to Hyd on 27. I have an exam on 29 and then in no time its New Years Eve!!!

This was the fastest year in my entire adult life - 2009 had sooo many important events in my life! I have to bring to the attention of my blog and its followers (though almost all of them are on my Speed Dial) that I'm engaged. Engaged as in engaged. To Padhu - I'm sure he is mentioned somewhere. A friend from high school and someone I've known for years now. This being the new that takes the entire cake in 2009, there are a few that did manage to leave chunks instead of just crumbs.

Well, Priya got married in March. And in Hyderabad - and why would I not be excited? Saranya & Shilpa came to Hyd to join me for the wedding and we had a great time. A wedding again, my sister Lavanya got married in March again and the wedding was the best family get-together one could ask for. I was so excited to welcome Arun mama to the family and what's great is - he is soo cool! He treats me and Sai like we are kids and I like him for that.

Great things at work - Q1 i moved to a new process with a promotion and Q2 was sober - but Q3 was awesome again with Another Promotion and a lot more money!! :D Who'd say no?! 2 promotions in one year did have me on hilltops!

The greatest event in 2009 was sending Sai to college - Sai joined Loyola, Chennai and has successfully passed his first semester now. I'm the proudest person ever - and am so happy with his progress on managing his life in Chennai. I did visit him once in Chennai and Saranya Shilpa Sai (S3) and I had our own little vacation. It was a great trip and I miss the three of them like mad!

October 29 - I received the official confirmation of my engagement to Padhu. November 27 was the Urudhi function and from then I'm engaged. I begin to wear a ring for the first time. I wear my gold chain everyday. I answer questions regarding the wedding. Oh! btw we're getting married on Padhu's birthday ;) May 26.

It's December now and its beginning to sink into me that I will be leaving Hyderabad. I'm not getting in to that one now.

Well, this has been my Oh-so-awesome 2009!


hamsini said…
So many things came rushing in on you this year no? :)

My wishes :) :)
Pragi said…
So many things just seemed to happen and felt like everything was happening around me!

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