One more dance?

Choosing a song... mixing more songs... choreographing the dance...hunting for a tape... a cassette... a CD... designing a costume... getting accessories ready... Standing back stage to realize a missing tape... re-recording the whole song with the VARIOUS mixes and breaks... dancing with a mad amount of energy till u think u need some water... running upstairs to make sure the other friends are also having a good time... running back not to miss the last songs form the DJ... pleading the wardens for ONE MORE DANCE before it becomes 11pm... dancing in circles with totally unknown faces... waking the next morning with the worst hangover though u weren't drunk... hunting for b'fast at lunch time... getting together just to talk about how things went... meeting again to see the pictures taken in all chaos... dancing within the rooms cause u don't want to let go of the LAST dance practice u will EVER have together... asking for costumes back for another one month till u gets ur stuff... laughing out loud about who fell where and how and tore their pants for hours... meeting these faces during b'fast, lunch and dinner and saying the most casual Hi's...

...if I were to do it ALL over again, I would.


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