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What is this age? - Young & Free / Experimental Adolescence / Quest to find THE ONE person / Responsible Budding citizens / Spendthrift on oneself.

The past week I got back home not before 10pm everyday. One day I got out of work only at 12:15 am. I woke at 10am every morning and conveniently took a rickshaw to work. One day cabs came very late to pick me up from home. I was with a few friends and we stopped to have tender coconut and chatted as we reached work. It was the routine get to your desks with b'fast and start work. After work, a friend and I left to Lifestyle. We walked around the store waiting for the other one to complain of an aching leg. We left the store when they were closing and waited a half hour for frankies to take home. It was close to 10:30 by then and we were absolutely fine with the fact that we were so late.

I reached home and sank into my pillow and realized how late it had been and how easy I was about that. It had begun. The feeling that I have to give up everything once my parents get me married had begun. The fact that I could not wake whenever I wanted to had begun.

I remember a friend's status on Facebook - 'Just because we are seeing each other, does not mean we are a packaged deal.' My question is 'What if you are married? Aren't you a packaged deal then? Doesn't the 'I' become 'we'? Doesn't the name on the mail box change? Or sometimes doesn't the mail box change by itself? When you wanna make plans with your friends, can you decide without a phonecall? Don't you make compromises on dinner plans?' How much is it worth?

Is life not easier when you are so young and free? Change can be constant, but does that not require a change?

** I slept at 4am and walked into work at 11:30am. I was at the gym for 1.5 hours and bathed for 1 hour. I had very little work to do today and I'm blogging for about .5 hours. If I were a wife, I would have cleaned a house, vessels, complained about maids, run to the TV to see my fav songs about 10 times, answered the door a million times blah blah blah. I was going mad last night thinking of what all one has to give up. I slept for 3 hours and am all cranky now. **


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