06 March, 2009

Pragi's Rules

Every rule I have here has inspiration from all the frustration that grows within me! It makes me feel so much better I can vent all that feeling into this little pane with buttons!

Rule #1 : Canis familiaris are not allowed to bark after 10.00pm. Homo Sapiens sleep at this time.

Rule #2 : Computers should not take too much time to load.

Rule #3 : Sick leaves should be made unlimited. ;)

Rule #4 : F.R.I.E.N.D.S. should never stop. There are ardent fans around the globe.

Rule #5 : Mangoes should grow all through the year.

Rule #6 : Unlimited luggage on flights. (This one is for you Naveen)

Rule #7 : When the course is your option, why not exams?

Rule #8 : There should be a time limit for every jean's usage.

Rule #9 : Cell phone bills should become extinct.

Rule #10 : Cute kids should remain kids.

Rule #11 : Short Messaging Services should be free on Post paid also! :'(

Rule #12 : People who make movies with loads of money but which ultimately turn out to be utter crap should be shot down!

Rule #13 : Every girl's dream of owning clothes she loves should be fulfilled (then and there!)
(I owe this one to the smartest WILLS shirt I've seen!)

Rule #14 : Adam, you find it funny that Eve loves chocolates and ice creams? Yes, we do. It's not a damn waste of iron and steel with lousy names! Yamaha?!? Well.. what's that?! Adam should stick to his comments and keep the crap bag closed! So shut up guys!!!

Rule #15 : Summer should be declared Deathbed time in Hyderabad. We smiling hard to check if the moisturizing cream is still on, we're stuck indoors cause the heat kills, we're waiting for electricity, we're paying much more for water - autos, the crappiest movies release this time so they can make the most out of a holiday season and our frustration grows. If there is one thing to be really happy about... clothes dry in minutes.. psst psst... @ night!!!!

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