16 June, 2017

Life is such...

Is it ok that at one phase of life one just doesn't perform and one knows it? Is it ok to wake one day and say, 'today I feel like my old self'? Does anyone ever feel like their old self after a bunch of years that just fly by? 

Today was a day of many horizons. I had kept the love for writing sleeping. Today, I wake and realise it ain't right. It ain't right to blame a situation to hide one's laziness. 

Over a few years life has gone by with many winds of change but today I realise the ship still remains. May have seen storms and summers, winds and winters but the ship remains. Sailed, sailing, setting sail and rowing. 

The storms have tattered the sides of my row,
I thus blamed the storms, 
I know not the storms don't last.
I know now the storms have gone, 
The sails are up, 
The winds of change - they come and go,
They come and they go.

Lightning, be the light that guides,
Thunder, be the songs that entertain,
Waves, be the rains that make me dance,
Let's just set sail again! 

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