Oops, Page 3 bugged me

How does Saif Ali Khan's brawl at a restaurant take precedence over 16 soldiers killed in an avalanche in Kashmir? How? HOW?

Why does it matter if the Bachan family have named their new child Abhilasha or Aaliyah?

Why is it so important if Rajinikanth acts with Katrina or Deepika?

Honestly, news ain't news anymore. Gossip is more like it.

Ok, next post will not be as late as this one.. my morning sickness is just making me lie in bed all day! Will be back for sure!


Classic2pal said…
Simply because you ARE interested in those news bits as well Pragi!!
I dint know about the brawl or her daughters name untill I saw it on this blog! ;p
Pragi said…
You didn't know about the brawl? Are you watching tv or reading the papers? Did you atleast know 5 men were killed and are claimed to be the bank robbers involved in the Indian bank theft in Chennai?

Ennada pannarey in your pappampatti?

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