Behind every successful..., there is a woman. No.

Behind every successful facebook status of mine, there is a blog post coming up on . Lame huh? How can a facebook status be successful. Padhu and I decided that a status message that has at least 10 thumps-up is a successful one.

My most latest successful status is "If the movie Arunachalam was dubbed in English, Rajnikanth would be singing 'that only, this only Arunachalam me only'."

If you have heard the Tamil song, you may understand the lyrics. If you don't understand Tamil, then read the English lyrics and that's exactly what it means. Yes lyricists in Tamil Nadu write songs that mean 'That is that, this is this, my name is Arunachalam'. Die hard Rajinikanth fans (ok, i'm one too) - don't take it the wrong way but ain't he a little too old to come back to acting now? Or is he gonna make a super comeback like Amitabh Bachan and say 'Buddhah ho gaya tera baap'?

No I DID NOT SAY THAT - Rajinikanth, please come back. I definitely need to see you act with Deepika Padukone and we hear Aishwarya Rai is pregnant. What if its a girl, how can you not act with that kid!


Lakshana said…
i guess i missed that fb status of urs! nice post ka =)

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