Message in a bottle - a message of love and hope!

A lost hobby found again is the best thing to a guilty soul! Well, reading is back and I'm so glad I have the time. The days of sitting staring at a laptop are over and my books are under my pillows again. Now any good looking picture appeals to be my bookmark :) Going to Coimbatore means stopping at Connexions for books.

I've watched the movie 'A Walk to Remember' and loved it! I didn't know the movie was made from Nicholas Sparks's book. None of my friends had ever suggested his books to me ever. I picked out 'Message in a Bottle' last Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were as usual busy but wednesday had me hooked to the book and my bed!

I was in the love with the story. I delayed lunch so much, I had to eat in a hurry at 4pm after my mother in law got so worried and walked into my room to find me reading! She blamed Padhu for teaching me his horrible habit of eating late, phew!

I cried, I laughed, I smiled as I read the book. When Padhu got back home that night, I told him the story and he chumma just said 'What do you think you would do if it were you?' I was stumped. I refused to answer his question or even think about what my answer would be.

I was in love with the writing and all I knew was I had to buy more of Nicholas Sparks's books. And I did!

Currently reading : Bend in the Bottle.

I suggest Message in a Bottle. There is confidence, there is hope, there is love, there is solitary, there is feminity, there is everything a book needs.


Nags said…
i am definitely getting this book soon. needed some good book recos badly :)

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