09 November, 2010

Dust *cough* *atiishhooo*

Its been soooo long! I finally fixed my internet connection at home yesterday. I haven't blogged in around 9 months! Actually more. gulp. Its a sin. To stop reading, to stop bloggin. To stop doing what you love to do. Phew.

Well, lets just say the past few months have been a roller coaster ride - upside down - inside out and what not! Invites, engagement, invites, wedding, shopping, guests, more guests, travel - well the only thing I didn't do before May was - freak out. There was soo much going on and now it all feels like ages ago.

Well, May came - we got married. After the wedding was the reception. And after that it was a volley of visiting temples and families. It took me a handsome amount of time to settle. Well, now I have.

I haven't written in soo long. thank to 3 years @ google, my typing skls remain the same! ;)

Be back with more --

1 comment:

kadhir said...

Now you have settled and you have got ample amount of time to write your daily activities so your family and friends will get to know your updates on regular basis...

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