Typical Team Metal Meeting

Satish, Ali, Lateef, Ambassador, Dhruv, Jay - Awake

Guni, Upsie, Kalpana, Spri - Stuck in the wrong place, cannot sleep

Neidhi, Rahul Raj, Smruthi, Mehak - Oh god now!

Pragi, Mahima, Arun - Who cares. Can't we just get done with this?!

I love to type so softly during meetings. I'm right now hiding behind Spriha's chair and sitting on the floor. Anirban is drawing something and just got done with a limerick. Mahima is playing with her hair. Arun left the room. And I'm typing this!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Cannot stop typing.. Nakul came up with something funny. 5 started laughing and the rest followed. Lol! It is so funny to watch Mahima wake up and look around! LOL!

This is crazy. Mahima is gonna sleep. Prajakta has aligned herself so Satish wont see Mahima. Snoooozzzz!!

This meeting seems to be never ending. We've now moved from the actual room we were in and occupied another room. Now most have chosen places to hide n type like me. hehe! So many look tired and sleepy. Most r closest to the door - maybe to run away asap.

Satish thinks...

Lateef thinks...

Nakul thinks...

Param does not know much but thinks...

Ed and Brian think...

Saloni has the INDIAN team's opinion...

Well, I think this meeting should end RIGHT NOW! Cause I've gotta pee.

Oh man. I thought they were done 'think'ing! Nakul now thinks what the other reps think.

2009 plans now.... GOSH!! Operations. Congrats! Yay!! Ppl clapping... so r we done?!!?!? He is thinking again. Wahhh :( Hafta hafta pee.

Conclude. Thank you. Phew. Nopes. Still going on. Hmpf!!

Q1 talk now need. laughs need. apologies need. no passport need. GTO need. I NEED TO PEEEEE!!!!

Christmas! Peee. Peee. Now Extreme sports bar plans. Payment. Phew!! SUSU!!!!


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