04 December, 2008

Shifting again.


Anymore bad words? Please use all the fowl language instead of me saying them. Damn. Perverted landlords in Hyd. I'm so sick of men. Seriously. That much of anger!! I hate these people!

Well.. breathe in breathe out!! PHoooff!

I'm shifting houses again. Why? 1) My landlord is a horny pervert. 2) Rent is too high for my pay. Why not before? 1) Had no time 2) No money either (And am one of those who cannot take money from parents)

I'm so pissed. I've logged into Gtalk and I cannot see Budhu. No Hari. Padhu is not 'On His Blackberry' UURRRGHHH!!

What's with men? Seriously? A hint of a (^@*@ and why do they have a to become so disgusting?! Men - URRGGGHH!!

Why r there 2 sides to a coin?!!? Can't there just be one?! Why is it that exactly the day after my landlord behaves stupid - the HR person from office becomes so sweet and helps in every possible way? Thank god for the HR person - my opinion of men changed.

Tuesday is a holiday from work for Id. I'm gonna be shifting on a week holiday. URRGHH!! Instead I could just wake up late, walk in somewhere for Brunch in my capris, get back home, sleep my evening away, stay awake and watch a movie, order a pizza for dinner, sleep again and wake next day cursing the alarms. So pissed. Thank god for blogs. Thank god for empty flats in Nirmal's building. Thank god for HR people. Thank god for all those patient friends who listened to the sick story. Thank god for strong keypads on IBM laptops!!!

KILL GOD FOR MEN LIKE MY PREVIOUS AND PRESENT LANDLORDS. If u r family and if u r reading this - please do not tell my parents. Infact, don't tell my parents. SHUSH!!

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