15 November, 2008

The only time I'm angry with Subway!

This is probably the only time I will say I'm actually ANGRY with SUBWAY! I had ordered my Meatball sub about 1.5 hours back and it hasn't come as yet. Yes, 1.5 hours. AARRGH! I'm dying of hunger! SUBWAY hunger!

OK hold on.. door bell.

... yeah, it was SUBWAY. But I sent the guy back. I know I didn't do the right thing for myself and my tummy (poor tummy) but I'm sure this is gonna be a good incident to teach delivery people their core job! This not being the first time BTW. Last Friday Jeanette and I ordered ourselves lavish dinner with cookies from here. We paid the guy and bit into our subs. All done. Now it was cookie time. For Jeanette it was first time - the cookie ordering thing. But I always did. They r little pieces of heaven! The cookies we got were SOOOO hard! I was completely shocked so I immediately called SUBWAY and informed them and also made myself sound stern enough so they would not do it to other customers as well. When I made my order today made sure they gave me good cookies and not round things that would made Jeanette break her teeth!

The guy was very humble though.. he said "I'm sorry Madam, there were many other deliveries." I could have been VERRRY sweet and said "Ok fine" and taken it. But I was just NORMAL (not rude not angry not sweet either). I told him "Thank you Bhaiya but its been over an hour and I already ordered food from elsewhere because u dint turn up." He honestly felt sorry.. poor guy. Every job there is this one day where u feel "shit, did i just not work or did i not work hard enough." He did bring the right stuff, he did bring it but he dint bring it on time. Thank god subs don't go cold.

I'm feeling bad the guy has to go back and feel bad about me sending him back and him having to face his senior staff in office with the 'too-late' food. Its could even cost him his job efficiency but I only did that cause during that 1.5 hours that he didn't turn up I called SUBWAY once and the guy who answered and bluntly cut the phone and never picked after that!

Well.. am not feeling bad though im feeling bad for that guy! Lets see if my cookies come right and fast!

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